I was told to write my blog in English or German, as a practice,
and my foreign friends could really get into to my (daily) life.

It's a little complicated though.

First of all, sometimes, it's hard to describe feelings through other languages.
And right now my language instinct is mixed with both German and English;
I tried to keep my English ability the best I could, but I'm losing it.

On the other hand, it's also a barrier that affects my poor poor German.

It looks like I have to make a choice.
But still, I'm looking for a balance.

So here I am. Confused, cynical and pathetic

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  • SyShy
  • Hey dear Huei-Ju!<br />
    Really like ur new site now! ;)<br />
    Jetzt kann ich mich hier auch besser zurecht finden! :P<br />
    Und, du wirst es mit der Balance schon schaffen! <br />
    Keine Sorge! :) <br />
    Liebe Grüße!<br />
  • zoehsu4892
  • Hey, schoene Gruesse zurueck auch!!!!! :D