Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's a convention in dorms to eat someone else's food in the freezer…

Generally, my floormates are OK, here I mean they say hello, at least.

The food in cooler is still safe, only few bottles of beer or wine have been stolen (from a Singapore girl). But the pizzas and fries in the freezer are whole lot easier to “get lost”. 
My records are half package fries, two fish sticks and one/ two chicken leg(s).

At the beginning I thought this is only a one time thing, cuz everyone buys the cheapest fries, and I can understand if it’s mistaken. But when it continually occurs on (almost) everyone, then we are looking at a serious problem.

No label means free? What does that suppose to mean?! It’s a common sense (and ethical) remembering what you bought (and where did you store them). And why don’t they step into a moral dilemma about taking other people’s food?




What is my better solution? To label any and all food I intend to keep private? Like:

"Don't drink this 'cause I spit in it."

"It’s NOT yours, ASSHOLE!"


"Eat this and U’ll spend all day long in the bathroom" 


Or try this:



I checked through some websites from the USA, and sadly it seems normal that food keeps stolen. There are even schools who rent the mini-fridges (with lock on it) to the students. Well, what can I say? Anomy???

Or, you know, set up a hidden camera and attempt to catch them. Webcam with motion detector or something. At the very least it'll be entertaining


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