I just have to write it down in English so that more people can understand what we are furious about. 

There are two Australian exchange students on my floor, and for the record, the University is in SYDNEY, which means that at least they come from a metroplis of somewhere. 
One of them comes from Singapore knowing little Chinese, and the other is (probably) Australian. 
They don’t speak German very well, and as a matter of the fact, they don’t really need German, cuz their major is English Literature, and here it’s also taught in English. 

OK, anyway, every Wednesday from 1800 to 2400 on my floor is their regular PIZZA DAY (like minimum 6 people). 
And the friends of them come by so easily like they own the kitchen here.
They don’t write any note in advance, they ignore the other residents carelessly, and use the oven (which could be the only facility they know how to use) totally freely. 
They don’t even greet us; I guess they just want to avoid any chance to speak German. 
And all I ask is just to say Hey. 

It happened last Saturday while I went for fruit-shopping. 
My Italian neighbor informed me with anger that THEY showed up again. 
This time they’ve just gone too far—they are going to have a cake party and bring the blender and mixer and God knows what else! 

OK, it’s Saturday, RELAX is necessary for everyone, I can appreciate that. 
But USING A COMMON KITCHEN belongs to someone else, OCCUPING the whole working area, without notifying the REAL RESIDENTS, and not knowing when the GATHERING is gonna end—that would be too ludicrous. 

Not to mention that they just gathered THREE days before in the same place!!!! 

And what really set my neighbor off is SHE AND THE OTHER POLE WERE EATING AND WATCHING TV IN THE KITCHEN, while the Australians came into the kitchen so naturally, treating them just like they don’t exist. 
My poor dorm-mates thought they two were the guests and escaped right away. 

As college students, why couldn’t they learn the basic, basic, basic courtesy? Like: say hello when you at other’s place, open windows for good air circulation when cooking, clean and wash everything afterwards, RECYCLE…
if they
can understand ULYSESS by James Joyce, there’s no reason that they don’t know the common sense, even they are westerns.



I hate the thinking about writing down every dorm regulation in their mother tongue to force them to bare in mind what we really care about... ... 




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