Anyone who plans to study at a German University (as a regular student) would be asked to pass TestDaF or DSH, which both are the tests of German Proficiency. Since I chose the later, I‘d like to share my experiences with others.

The abbreviation DSH stands for Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (German Exam for College Admission). Before attending DSH the students must prove that they have had at least 900 hours of German courses. Generally speaking, many universities in Germany still provide DSH-intensive course. It means that you can simply apply to a university, get a “bedingte Zulassung” (admission upon certain conditions) and take the DSH course provided by the university. That’s what I did. It doesn’t have too many procedures, I can get familiar with the city I’m going to live for a couple years, and I can get used to the German academic environment at the same time.  

DSH test consists of a written and an oral examination. Both are carried out separately on different days.

The DSH exam tests the following skills: 
istening comprehension (50 minutes) 
eading comprehension (90 minutes) 
     Writing (60 minutes) and 
     Speaking (15-20 minutes with 20 minutes for preparation)

Moreover, The DSH certificate has three levels of scores depending on the total percentage

DSH-1 (66% - 57%, lowest entrance level acceptable) 
DSH-2 (81% - 67%, generally accepted) 
DSH-3 (100% - 82%, highest level, appropriate for any faculty)  

I attended the DSH intensive course and took the written Exam on 23. 7. What most important is to be easy on the test. It's only a test afterall, don't have to die if U don't pass it. The Test was actually not as difficult as we’ve learned in the course. However, the atmosphere at that moment made everyone nervous and scared. My results came back on Thursday: DSH 3 with 82%~! Kinda lucky I guess. (huhuhu)

I'm having the oral test tomorrow afternoon. Before that i'll have a Sushi-party tonight.

學德文的人,基本上會聽過以下三種詞彙:DSH、TestDaF、Goethe Institut









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